Tarot the Western Hermetic Tradition
Friday, May 9, 2014
New York Open Center
7 pm to 10 PM
212-219-2527 Ext #2

Members: $55 / Nonmembers: $65
Early Bird rate $45/55 by April 22

Ellen Goldberg, MA

The Tarot is a book of wisdom disguised as a pack of cards. The ever-evolving Tarot is an extraordinary compendium of Western esoteric knowledge, a river of Hermetic wisdom into which the streams of Kabbalah, alchemy, Pythagorean mathematics and astrology have flowed. In accord with Hermetic ideals, the object of the Tarot journey is the transformation of individual consciousness into a state of unity with the One. Today we will learn the basic principles of Hermeticism and and see how they breathe life and meaning into the Tarot. Viewed as Hermetic Mandalas, the 22 cards of the Major Arcana allow us to radically enhance our quest for self-realization. Through active imagination and inner journey we will learn to engage these archetypal images . The workshop will leave you with an ability to use the Tarot for your inner development. The Rider-Waite cards will be used as a basis of discussion. The workshop is appropriate for students at all levels of study.